What is sub-tick in Counter-Strike 2?

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Valve upgraded tick rates for the newly announced Counter-Strike 2 by introducing a sub-tick system; here’s an explainer of how it will work in-game.

After weeks of rumors, Valve finally lifted the veil on Counter-Strike 2. Of course, this news brought with it a treasure trove of details about what’s changed between releases.

One such change revolves around Counter-Strike’s tick rate system. Older versions of Counter-Strike evaluated a player’s movement and shooting in “discrete time intervals” otherwise known as ticks.

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The time between each tick was nonexistent. But while the game still played responsively, the milliseconds that separated a mouse click and tick could often be the difference between a shot landing or missing the target entirely. Valve opted to improve upon this system for Counter-Strike 2.

What are sub-ticks in Counter-Strike 2?

In announcing the new Counter-Strike title, Valve uploaded a video detailing how the team is “Moving Beyond Tick Rate” with sub-tick updates.

With this change, tick rates between moving and shooting no longer matter since the server can calculate each player’s “precise actions between ticks.”

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Simply put, the server now knows the “exact moment you fired your shot, jumped your jump, or peeked your peek.” This should ensure the action in Counter-Strike feels more seamless and responsive than ever before.

Some lucky players are already getting familiar with Counter-Strike 2’s sub-tick updates because of a limited beta test. The testing period kicked off today, March 22, but currently has no known end date.

Those invited to participate were given access based on a series of factors, including their Steam account standing and recent playtime on Valve servers.

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