Playing Counter-Strike 2 on Windows 7 could get you banned

Jake Nichols
CS2 Nuke

Counter-Strike 2 fans are being warned not to play on Windows 7 as players are reporting sudden and unexpected game bans.

Since the game’s launch on September 27, Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has stormed to the top of Steam player charts, peaking at over 1.3 million players already. However, despite what seems to be an overwhelming majority of players being able to play the game without issue, there are concerns about what many Counter-Strike veterans feel has been an “underwhelming” release.

With key features broken and a game-breaking bug impacting players, it’s clear that CS2 hasn’t had the smoothest of launches. And now, a growing number of players are being banned from the game, seemingly due to playing on the older Windows 7 operating system.

Players are sharing their experiences on Reddit and Steam forums, reporting that they are being banned for what appears to be no good reason. The issue seems to be specifically related to CS2, as users playing CS1 on Windows 7 have not reported similar bans.

Steam’s latest Hardware and Software Survey reported that just 0.08% of players are using Windows 7, so it’s a relatively small group of players who are affected. However, the impact is anything but small, considering that these longtime players are being restricted from normal gameplay.

Many Windows 7 users who have been banned in Counter-Strike 2 have already reached out to Valve seeking clarification on the matter but are yet to receive a response. The community is now urging players with similar cases to come forward and ask Valve to investigate and fix this apparent bug.

Until a fix is announced, it is recommended that players using Windows 7 refrain from playing CS2 to avoid their account being unexpectedly banned.