Counter-Strike 2 players VAC banned for abusing console commands

CS2 VAC banCounter-Strike 2

CS2 players have already been permanently banned for misusing console commands during matches.

Counter-Strike 2’s beta update gave access to the wider fanbase on September 6 and it has featured a whole overhaul of new features.

CS has always been playable via Steam, where Valve has long carried out its anti-cheat initiative, involving receiving reports from players and then reviewing gameplay footage to issue bans if necessary.

However, some players were surprised when they received the infamous and dreaded permanent VAC ban after they used particular console commands during their CS2 matches.

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CS2 players receive VAC ban for abusing console commands

Popular CS creator Don Haci posted to Twitter/X stating that many players had been VAC banned for using the console commands to instantly spin 180 degrees while playing.

It was then further confirmed by another user who replied and provided footage of themselves constantly spamming the commands at the press of a button due to the action using key binding.

This allowed them to spin in the opposite direction in the blink of an eye, which gives an unfair advantage if an enemy attacks you from behind.

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He showed his ban confirmation message and screenshots of his in-game chat messages, where he said “It was fine until I wrote in the chat that the players reported me, the second a report came in I got untrusted (banned).”

“For those who don’t know, you don’t get banned by executing a command you have to bind it and extensively use it,” a commenter responded.

“Spinning faster than what trusted angles are capped too, gee gee,” another user said.

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At the time of writing, Valve has yet to provide a response in regards to this console command in Counter-Strike 2.

CS2 players have also been dominating the top of the ranked Premier leaderboards by using cheaters to boost them.

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