Every game mode in Counter-Strike 2

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Counter-Strike 2, the overhaul of CS:GO on Source 2, will include a selection of engaging and entertaining game modes. Here are all the confirmed modes in CS2 so far.

2023 is the year of many new AAA games, but few could’ve predicted that Counter-Strike 2 was going to be on the agenda. The long-awaited sequel to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive looks to tweak and refine every element of CS:GO – a game that has remained immensely popular for over a decade.

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Valve have been experts when it comes to making well-designed Counter-Strike maps in the past, as well as taking submissions from the community, but it’s also the game’s core modes that are the foundation of its popularity.

So, let’s run through every game mode that is confirmed for Counter-Strike 2.

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All Counter-Strike 2 game modes

Only a handful of game modes are going to be available for Counter-Strike 2’s initial beta, with testing being at the forefront of the devs’ priorities.

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Once Valve start to pull back the curtain on more modes we’ll update this list.


A staple of first-person shooters and a classic game mode that never gets old, Deathmatch is the quintessential FPS experience. In CS, it’s mostly used for warming up and checking out your new skins. It’s unclear at this moment if Team vs Team, Free For All, and Classic will all be available as they were in CSGO:

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  • Team vs Team: You have two opposing teams and it’s the first team to reach a set number of kills/points in a heated race to see who can reach the total before the other.
  • Free-For-All: Eliminates the team element and it’s strictly a one-versus-all affair. It’ll take a true combination of audio awareness, skill, and marksmanship to get the dub.
  • Classic: A mixture of the above, it’s a team-based setup, but it will come down to who the strongest player is across both teams.

Unranked Competitive

Competitive play comes with set rules implemented by the devs that are supposed to mimic the real-life conditions of tournament play between professionals. This mode is first to 16 rounds, with a 15-15 ending in a draw. Friendly Fire is enabled, and the economy is present like it was in CS:GO.

Short matches are also available, which are first to 9 rounds instead.

The Unranked version of Competitive simply means that your results won’t matter, so if you lose 10 matches in a row, you could still be paired up with high-level players and vice versa.

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That’s all the Counter-Strike 2 game modes so far, with more to be added as we get closer to the full release. In the meantime, check out even more of our CS2 guides:

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