Young Minecraft fan’s handmade Dream cosplay goes viral for being too adorable

little kid dream cosplayTwitter, @iBeatUpGnf / YouTube, Dream

A Twitter user’s younger brother made his own (fairly scuffed) Dream cosplay, based on the popular Minecraft YouTuber — and social media is obsessed. Thousands of fans have chimed in supporting the kid’s DIY ensemble.

Dream and his friends have taken over YouTube and, to some extent, Twitch over the past year or so. A month ago, Dream hit 20 million subscribers on YouTube and, in the weeks since, people have estimated that the content creator’s net worth is somewhere in the $3 to $5 million range. 

Dream and his Dream SMP (survival multiplayer) server are obviously popular, so it should be no surprise that fans like to express their support in creative ways. While Dream fan art has been criticized in the past, a young fan’s cosplay has received no negativity — instead enjoying an abundance of support across social media.

Twitter’s adriene shared two simple pictures of her younger brother’s handmade cosplay on the platform and the post has since been retweeted and supported endlessly. With a cute caption and a cute cosplay, caps-locked replies of joy have overflowed. 

Adriene shared her brother’s cosplay with a very casual question, adding to the wholesomeness of the entire situation: “Do you guys like my little brother’s dream cosplay? He made all the props by himself and he’s really proud of it.”

While the internet is typically fully of toxic trolls, the reactions have been outright lovely. With dozens of caps-locked “Aww” and “cute” responses, people seem very happy with the little brother’s efforts. 

Some users have also popped into the replies with their own cosplays, beginning to create a cosplay army of sorts in support of the Minecraft icon.

For what it’s worth, cosplaying Dream is an interesting endeavor and one that allows people to express some creativity. Dream has never shown his face and is solely known by his smiley-face character in Minecraft (and, typically, a green body). 

While Dream hasn’t responded to the cosplay (yet), one has to imagine that the little brother will be pleased to find out just how much the internet appreciates it.