Dream returns to YouTube with most insane Minecraft Manhunt episode yet

Dream / Mojang

Minecraft content creator Dream has returned to YouTube with a bang. After a month-long hiatus, he has brought back his legendary Minecraft Manhunt series in its most extreme form yet.

Dream’s success story was one of the biggest of 2020. In the span of a year, he went from a relatively unknown Minecraft YouTuber to a phenomenon, reaching 20 million subscribers in March 2021.

It all started with his Minecraft Manhunt series. The premise is basic: a team of friends have to hunt Dream down and kill him before he completes Minecraft. They are given compasses so they can track his location, and Dream has to navigate his way out of sticky situations.

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The most-viewed episode of the series has over 80 million views on YouTube, as the “John Wick of Minecraft” displays insane mechanics and game knowledge to outdo his opposition.

Dream Artwork Dream Brandingdreambranding.com
Despite his immense popularity, nobody knows what Dream looks like.

With four players not really being enough to stop Dream from winning the challenge, he decided to make the challenge even harder. Adding Awesamdude to the roster, Dream would have to face off against five players in his race to complete the game.

In less than 24 hours, the video gained over 10 million views and hit #1 on trending, and viewers’ shock at the ending caused a social media frenzy, with the words “WHAT JUST HAPPENED” trending on US Twitter.

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In the episode, Dream showcased some incredible mechanics, such as using a fishing rod to steal his opponents’ weapons and speed-crafting a boat to prevent being hit with fatal fall damage.

If this latest series is to follow the same pattern as previous ones, it’s likely Dream will produce several episodes of this challenge as he attempts to put the shock of losing this particular installment to bed.

Either way, it’s a remarkable return to form for the speedrun demon, and fans will be eagerly awaiting the next episode.