Minecraft YouTuber Dream hits 20 million subscribers


Minecraft YouTuber Dream has finally reached 20 million subscribers in yet another major milestone in his astronomical rise to the top.

It’s not often that a personality makes such a widespread impact on YouTube quite like Dream has. The American rose to fame with his Minecraft Manhunt series, which saw fellow content creators like Sapnap and GeorgeNotFound try and hunt him down before he defeated the Ender Dragon.

The first episode was uploaded in December 2019, with the most popular installation of the series accumulating over 75 million views on YouTube.

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Stats from SocialBlade show that in June 2019, he had only 1,200 subs. Six months later, he eclipsed one million, and that figure has grown exponentially since. On March 29, he announced the achievement to his fans and said it was a “dream come true.”

He tweeted: “20 million subscribers on YouTube… absolutely INSANE. You made my dreams come true and I am forever grateful. thank you and LETS GO.”

The Minecraft giant has now reached 20 million subs, and that figure will probably just keep growing.

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Dream’s success hasn’t been limited to just his Manhunt series, though. Another major contributor has been the Dream SMP: a Minecraft survival multiplayer server that sees some of the game’s biggest personalities all battle it out in the same Minecraft world.

It’s one of the biggest gaming series ever created, with the January 2021 finale leading to the streamers involved, including TommyInnit and Tubbo, taking over the fastest-growing Twitch streamers leaderboard.

YouTuber Dream's logoYouTube: Dream
Dream’s avatar is one of YouTube’s most iconic.

With all this attention, Dream has become a popular figure well beyond Minecraft. In January 2021 he released his first single, Roadtrip, which has over 25 million plays on Spotify.

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He also sparked possibly the oddest Twitter trend of all-time. While his MS paint-designed avatar is iconic, nobody knows exactly what Dream looks like in real life. Before the release of MrBeast’s 2020 YouTube Rewind, #DreamNeckReveal became one of the most hilarious trends ever.

Where Dream goes next is completely unpredictable, as he now has a large enough platform of dedicated fans to find success in pretty much anything he does. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll actually get to see his face.

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