Angry Dream stans get Noah Hugbox’s YouTube video blocked for age restrictions

Dream Noah HugboxTwitch: Noah Hugbox/YouTube: Dream

After calling out Minecraft personality Dream and his fans, Twitch streamer Noah Hugbox had his YouTube video age-restricted, massively limiting the views, and he has blamed spam reports by the ‘stans’.

When it comes to passionate audiences, there are very few that compare to Minecraft YouTuber Dream’s fans. Although the majority follow him for his gaming content, a select group of them have garnered a reputation for posting inappropriate comments on social media and sending out threats to other content creators.

In response to this, Twitch streamer Noah Hugbox created a video calling out Dream and his fanbase. Despite stating that he didn’t believe Dream was an intentional manipulator, he did claim that the Minecraft personality was held hostage by his fans and afraid of them.

As a result, some of Dream’s followers decided to flag his video, resulting in it being restricted on the platform.

Dream Minecraft YouTubeYouTube: TommyInnit
Dream has over 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

Noah Hugbox’s callout video reported by Dream fans

It wasn’t long after Hugbox posted his “Dream Stans” video on April 19 that it began receiving multiple reports on YouTube. As with any video that gets flagged, YouTube has to review it to ensure that it doesn’t contain any inappropriate content that breaks the guidelines.

Realizing his video was being targeted, Hugbox took to social media to attempt to raise the issue with the YouTube Creators Twitter account.

Despite his attempt to contact YouTube, Hugbox received no reply and tried again the next day. It was becoming apparent that eventually, the video was going to be age-restricted due to the number of reports it was receiving.

Later that day, Hugbox took to Twitter to reveal that the video had been nuked by manual review on YouTube. It seemed as if the Dream stans had been successful.

As of April 21, the video is available to watch on YouTube, but is still age-restricted.

It’s obvious Hugbox isn’t happy that YouTube has restricted the video as it will affect the video’s overall viewership.

We’ll have to wait and see if Dream has anything to say on the matter or if he continues to ignore Hugbox’s callout.