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My Hero Academia cosplayers perfectly recreate the Big 3

Published: 11/Jul/2019 1:02 Updated: 11/Jul/2019 1:22

by Alan Bernal


My Hero Academia supporters have a long wait for next season of the popular anime, but to hold over eager fans, a trio of cosplayers recreated U.A. High School’s top students who make up the Big 3.

The popular series is filled with unique heroes, each brimming with personalities that have won over countless fans. But My Hero Academia fans have been enthralled by the anime’s latest additions that everyone at U.A. are looking up to.

The Big 3 consists of the top hero candidates at U.A., and while they definitely don’t look like anything special on the surface, they’re mastery of their individual Quirks makes them some of the most revered prospects in the series.


Paul_Might InstagramA closer look at Paul_Might’s Mirio cosplay.

To properly bring the Big 3 to life, cosplayers ‘Paul_Might,’ ‘pineapples_delight,’ and ‘manda_eevee’ suited up as Mirio Togata, Tamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado respectively, for an amazing group shot.

Showing off the Mirio’s impeccable strength, Paul_Might can be seen lifting his fellow cosplayers while being dressed in the hero suit, reminiscent of the great All Might.

Paul_Might via RedditThe cosplayers went the extra mile with an amazing pose for the Big 3.

Mirio, also known as Lemillion, has been expertly recreated with the number one million doned across his chest with a flowy red cape to boot.

On his right bicep sits manda_eevee as Nejire Hado, who’s sporting the wide bubbly smile that the hero routinely sports


Manda_eevee can be seen donning Nejire-chan’s long blue hair, fitted with her blue suit that features mint green markings throughout.

manda_eevee InstagramManda_Eevee’s cosplay would send shockwaves to any MHA fan!

Last but not least, pineapples_delight rounds out the fantastic group cosplay by mirroring Tamaki, better known in his hero form as Suneater.

As opposed to her fellow cosplayers, pineapples_delight is rather expressionless, which perfectly manifests the hero’s somber personality that doesn’t really match up with the other members of the Big 3.

BonesThe cosplayers were able to brilliantly personify their characters from the Big 3.

While all three cosplayers represent their individual characters to the tee, their unique poses definitely elevate the effects of the designs by showing that extra-special bond the Big 3 share.


Even though there have been many fantastic My Hero Academia outfits done in the past, bringing all three cosplays together like this makes this one of the most memorable to come out of the fanbase so far.