Zombies players want Treyarch to update Cold War over “trash” Vanguard

Jaret Kappelman
Zombies players want Treyarch to update Cold War over trash Vanguard

As Vanguard Zombies appears to be left to the wolves, players wish that Treyarch would just update Black Ops Cold War’s mode instead. 

Zombies is a staple to the Call of Duty franchise and became extremely popular thanks to the work of the Treyarch team.

Originally, Fans were excited when it was announced that the gaming studio would be in charge of developing Zombies for Sledgehammer Games’ Vanguard.

However, with lackluster updates and seemingly no new content since its release, players just want the devs to go back and update a previous game.

Cold War Zombies
Cold War Zombies was highly praised by the community.

Zombies players want Cold War updates instead of Vanguard

Black Ops Cold War Zombies was one of Treyarch’s biggest hits, as players everywhere grinded the mode for camos, high rounds, or Easter eggs – but the devs seem to have abandoned this formula in Vanguard.

In a Reddit post by ‘Wooden_Gas1064,’ they mentioned enjoying their time on Cold War’s Outbreak mode so much more than on Vanguard’s Der Anfang.

Cold War’s Outbreak mode was based on objective gameplay and even though it wasn’t focused on being round-based, players still felt that the mode had replayability as there were new objectives every match.

One Redditor said, “Trust me outbreak is a lot better plus it gives you a lot more room to mess around in whether alone or with friends or get some practice in.”

Players are sick of Vanguard Zombies as the “biggest update” the mode received was extremely disappointing. “The fact that a pause button is a feature you have to add is so sad.” Some people are so gutted that they are trying to forget Vanguard even exists.

Fans of the mode just want to see classic round-based maps return along with a main quest Easter egg to bring back the nostalgia they are used to.

The community claims they are being neglected and, if that is truly the case, they want to see the team put effort into Cold War updates and leave Vanguard alone.