Vanguard Zombies players “disgusted” with lackluster holiday update


While many people are saying “Tis the Season!” Vanguard Zombies players are left dumbfounded as the holiday update lacked detail for the game mode. 

When Season 1 finally arrived to Vanguard and Zombies, players called it a dumpster fire as there was nothing major introduced.

However, fans remained hopeful when it was revealed the Festive Fervor would be bringing some changes to Der Anfang. but they quickly had everything inch of hope ripped out when they saw what happened.

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Vanguard Zombies Season 1Activision
Vanguard Zombies players are upset with the holiday update.

Zombies players blast holiday update lack of detail

The 2021 Call of Duty holiday update brought loads of changes to Vanguard and Warzone but not the popular Zombies mode.

This Reddit post by ‘Dapper-Geologist-468’ has the community in shambles as the festive cheer that Stalingrad received was not exactly what everyone expected.

Der Anfang consists of multiple areas that players can teleport to and complete objectives. But sadly, the holiday spirit on doesn’t go anyway past the starting room.

To make it worse, Zombies players were fuming to see that all the map got was “some Christmas lights.”

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One Redditor said, “Do the devs not feel embarrassed? Like as much as I hate my job if I literally put zero effort in I would still feel a little guilt for delivering such a s**t product.”

Zombies XmasActivision
Zombies players were shocked to just see Christmas lights added to Der Anfang.

Others chimed in with their disappointment for Vanguard Zombies thus far. There still isn’t a round-based map or a main Easter egg quest, so the lackluster festive update just further dug the hole the community views the game in.

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It is unsure if the devs at Treyarch are listening to players but one thing is certain, many are quitting the game as Der Anfang is being called the “Worst map ever.”