CoD Zombies players slam Treyarch for “neglecting” them after Vanguard event reveal

. 7 months ago
CoD Vanguard Zombies gameplay

CoD Zombies players are fuming at the Festive Fervor holiday event as both Vanguard and Warzone get into the Christmas spirit while the undead component gets “neglected.”

It’s that time of the year again where holiday-themed updates roll out for many of the biggest multiplayer games. CoD has been no different over the past few titles, with Christmas skins, modes, and limited-time map makeovers all coming into effect.

This year, players are looking ahead to the Festive Fervor event. Kicking off on December 17, the update brings new cosmetic bundles, unique challenges, and modes, along with a variety of unique rewards.

The event roadmap highlights everything on the way to Vanguard multiplayer and Warzone. However, it also happened to exclude any mention of Zombies.

“Zombies has never been more mistreated,” one irate fan claimed on Reddit. Following a rapid wave of backlash to the announcement, Treyarch stepped in on Twitter with an update.

“The holiday cheer is coming to Stalingrad in Zombies, too,” the developers stressed. Though the damage already appeared to be done as this follow-up once again came under fire.

“It’s so small if what they’re adding doesn’t even make it to the roadmap,” one player replied. “I bet they’re just gonna add Santa hats on the Zombies and that’s it,” another chimed in.

“Say you hate Zombies players without saying you hate Zombie players,” Reddit user ‘SuperAC1andOnly’ said. Others now believe Zombies will be “neglected” for the following year due to a poor early reception.

Given the vocal displeasure in the Zombies community with recent Vanguard updates, it’s evident this holiday event isn’t winning fans back over.

Many went as far as to label the Season 1 update a “dumpster fire,” all while top streamers have called the new Der Anfang mode an “absolute L” from the beginning.

There’s plenty that could be done to “bring back the nostalgia,” though Zombies fans will be waiting until after the holiday season for any new content.

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