CoD Zombies devs accidentally trolled themselves and the community loved it

Jaret Kappelman
CoD Zombies devs accidentally trolled themselves and the community loved it

Call of Duty Zombies devs tried promoting Season 1 in-game but ended up trolling themselves and giving the community a nice kick out of it. 

The Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies Season 1 update is here bringing some new artifact upgrades, map areas, and more.

However, the community slammed it as they felt there was a huge lacked content for the game mode.

Nonetheless, as any other developer would, Treyarch tried to advertise the new season but didn’t proofread their message as it cryptically trolled themselves.

Vanguard Zombies Season 1
Zombies players got a kick out of an in-game message that was ironic.

CoD Zombies promotion gone wrong

Pointed out by many in the Zombies community, Treyarch’s in-game message that was intended to draw in players ended up with them getting roasted.

Zombies Devs troll them
Treyarch devs released this ironic message that roasted the game mode.

As seen from the screenshot, it read, “Treyarch Zombies are deader than ever in Season One!” This irony was absolutely hilarious to the community as they have referred to this update as a dumpster fire.

This Reddit post also had players rolling on the floor as they fully agree that Zombies is a dead game mode right now. One person said, “There’s no way they actually put that LMFAO.”

Fans were going back and forth, mindblown that someone actually approved that message to go into the game considering all the backlash from the community. Another person added, “Can’t tell if they’re self-aware or actually just that f***ing tone-deaf.”

To make the situation even better, the in-game message received an update later on that removed that sentence from the message.

The Zombies community doesn’t really understand what’s going on with Vanguard Zombies as Treyarch is the lead developer.

Some people think Treyarch was thrown onto this project last minute and not given enough resources to make the game mode great like it was in Black Ops Cold War.

While players wait for a big update, a round-based map, or even an Easter egg at least they were given a comedic relief as Treyarch delivered an unintentional comedic message.