CoD Zombies Outbreak Survival LTM explained: New ‘hardcore’ Zombies changes

. 10 months ago
Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak Survival

A new ‘hardcore’ CoD Zombies experience has arrived in Black Ops Cold War as the Outbreak Survival limited-time mode is now active. Here’s how it all works.

For Zombies fanatics really seeking a challenge, Outbreak Survival is now here to test your skills. The LTM comes with its own set of unique gameplay tweaks to ramp up the difficulty, though it’s on a limited clock; it arrives as part of The Numbers event in Black Ops Cold War, so it won’t be around for long.

From how it all works to when it disappears for good, here’s all you need to know about the new Zombies mode, Outbreak Survival.

How the new Outbreak Survival mode works in CoD Zombies

Outbreak Survival gameplay
Players need to eat food to restore their health in Outbreak Survival.

Kicking things up a notch, Outbreak Survival is a new CoD Zombies experience designed to challenge even the most accomplished players. If you’re a newcomer, this isn’t the best place to start. But if you’re a veteran of Outbreak, here’s what you can expect.

Right out of the gate you’ll notice a few key differences. For starters, you load in with just a 1911 pistol at the ready, no extra firepower. This means you’ll have to earn your way back to decent weaponry, though keep in mind, Blueprints are restricted in this LTM.

Moreover, your HUD will also look a little different. To make things even more difficult, you’ll have to rely on game sense and communication to find new objectives and keep your team alive. Notably, the mini-map is completely gone, so looking to the corner of your screen for intel will no longer help.

Last but not least, health-regen has also been scrapped. Every single hit matters that much more now, as you’ll have to find food scattered around the map to restore your health.

When is the Outbreak Survival LTM leaving?

The Numbers Event
Outbreak Survival is now live as part of The Numbers event in Black Ops Cold War.

Although Outbreak Survival offers a fun new twist on the Zombies experience, it won’t be around for long. It serves as a LTM throughout The Numbers event in Black Ops Cold War.

As a result, Outbreak Survival will only be accessible until Tuesday, October 5. You’ll have to get your final games in before the event concludes at 9PM PT.

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