Vanguard Zombies players trash ‘dumpster fire’ Season 1 update

Vanguard Zombies players trash 'dumpster fire' Season 1 updateActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies players are slamming the Season 1 update roadmap as a ‘dumpster fire’ for not including the one thing people have wanted the most.

Vanguard Zombies Season 1 comes out on December 8 and with it comes a massive update to Der Anfang.

Players are getting new weapons, covenant upgrades, a map area, and more but this isn’t what fans wanted.

With no information on a round-based map or a Main Easter egg quest, the community is outraged and some people are even planning to skip this season entirely.

Vanguard Zombies Season 1Activision
Zombies players are upset as there are still no round-based maps.

Vanguard Zombies players slam Season 1 update

Der Anfang is the only map in Vanguard Zombies and plays a lot like Outbreak did in Cold War. This has fans upset as there isn’t a round-based map and Season 1 didn’t change that.

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This Reddit post by ‘Wattsonmaster667’ has the Zombies community flaming the devs as they aren’t getting any massive additions to the game – they will instead get add-ons to the current map.

Players are not getting the two things they want the most, round-based maps or an Easter egg. One person said they don’t plan on even touching this game: “Not touching this until a real map comes out.”

Moreover, Redditors united in the thread posting multiple GIFs of a “dumpster fire” to refer to this update. “This s**t is unacceptable, not even a wonder weapon? No new map? F**k this, I’m going to play the Halo campaign and multiplayer.”

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Zombies streamer ‘CodeNamePizza’ jumped in on the action and tried to fix the roadmap for the community.

Zombie fans have been specifically begging Treyarch for a round-based map on Vanguard. There’s no sign of such a map so far, despite the devs ensuring the idea wouldn’t go away. But that could mean they are returning in their next game which is slated for 2023.

As for now, players are stuck with Season 1 that has no classic map or an Easter egg in sight.