When does Warzone Season 5 start? Season 4 end date, leaks, more

Alex Garton
Warzone Season 5 release

Warzone fans are always looking forward to the next update and speculating on what Raven Software plans to add next. With Season 4 now behind us, the community’s attention has shifted to Season 5. Here’s everything we know about when it’ll launch, and what to expect when it does.

Warzone’s Season 4 update launched on June 17 and introduced a range of new content for players to check out. From a series of mysterious red doors to the C58 assault rifle and of course, the MG 82 LMG.

Despite all of the new additions, Warzone players are already asking questions about Season 5 and which direction Raven will take the game next.

With rumors CoD Vanguard is set in the WW2 era, there’s speculation that the developers are working on a brand new map fit for the time period.

Warzone BOCW S4 art
Warzone Season 4 kicked off on June 17 with the Ground Fall event.

Warzone Season 5 start date

If there’s one thing that captures the attention of every Warzone player, it’s knowing when the next major update is scheduled to drop. Even if it’s only a day after a set of new content has been added, the community is already desperate to know what Raven has planned next.

Well, looking at the Season 4 battle pass, it’s set to expire on August 9, 2021, which is roughly two months after the launch of Season 4. This matches Raven’s typical time span between updates so expect Season 5 to arrive in early to mid-August.

Warzone Season 5 start
Season of Warzone is expected to start in August 2021.

What’s coming in Warzone Season 5?

As there’s very little information available about Warzone’s Season 5 update, it’s difficult to know where the developers will take the game next.

There are rumors that the Warzone developers are creating a WW2 map ready for the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard in November, However, as Season 5 is expected to drop in August, it’s likely any content related to the new title will be introduced in Season 6.

For now, we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any leaks and hope Raven drops some hints for the new season across Verdansk for players to discover.

Rest assured, we’ll update this article with all the latest information on Season 5 as soon as it becomes available.

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