Warzone’s The Haunting LTM bug is literally sending ghosts back to hell

call of duty warzone the hauntingActivision

A bug in Call of Duty: Warzone’s The Haunting LTM can send ghosts back to hell by glitching them under the map to end their game.

The Halloween update brought back last year’s The Haunting event with a slight twist. Dead players come back to life in the Ghosts of Verdansk LTM but are given supernatural abilities to down opponents instead of guns.

Ghosts have a Super Jump, the ability to Teleport, and a Spectral Blast stun to compete against the living players in the battle royale.

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This makes ghosts fairly mobile compared to normal players. But a combination of these moves can put players in a hopeless position.

Warzone Ghost of Verdansk bug is sending ghosts under the map

While playing this new mode, Reddit user ‘iByRaMa’ discovered that an untimely use for Teleport can send you through the ground and under the map.


Unlike past incidents where Warzone hackers could go under Verdansk to wreak havoc on players above ground, this time people just fall until they’re eliminated.

They Super Jumped over a building to avoid people pursuing them but things got spooky when the ghost tried to teleport soon after. The human was coming around the corner and the ghost was looking to close the gap by teleporting.

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call of duty warzone the hauntingActivision
Ghosts have tools to close the gap on Warzone players but they can also lead to their doom.

Instead of appearing in front of the enemy, they clipped right through the ground and fell under the map. The player was left with no chance and the game glitched them, “Straight to hell,” as one user put it.

Ghosts can get overwhelming in The Haunting LTM and this was definitely a unique way to see one go down.

While the clip might be amusing, this could be one of those glitches that Raven Software looks to patch up quickly since it can lead to unintended consequences for using a normal aspect of gameplay.

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