Warzone players annoyed Kali Sticks “completely ruin” Halloween event

. 8 months ago
Warzone Kali Sticks with Warzone and The Haunting logo

Warzone players are becoming increasingly annoyed at the Halloween event, from the spooky animations to truly bizarre bugs. Now, players are complaining about melee weapons such as Kali Sticks “completely ruining” the Ghosts of Verdansk mode.

The Haunting Halloween event in Warzone hasn’t been the best received by players. With strange 3rd-person bugs throwing players off and some disappointed comparisons to last year’s event, players are taking serious issue with the seasonal changes.

While the Ghosts of Verdansk mode was expected to mimic the Zombie Royale of 2020’s Haunting event, which fans seemed to love, it hasn’t quite had the same appeal.

Not only that, but some players feel that the entire mode is being ruined by melee weapons, making it incredibly difficult to play as a ghost in the game mode.

Warzone Ghost Face skin
The Ghosts of Verdansk mode isn’t proving the most popular among players.

A number of posts have appeared online complaining about melee weapons in the mode, with hundreds of upvotes on Reddit and discussions taking place on Twitter.

“New game mode sucks now because yet again Kali Sticks are overpowered,” said Whiskey Bizzness on Twitter. “You can’t beat anyone as a ghost who has them… NERF them.”

Similarly, Taiizor’s Reddit post saying that the Kali Sticks “completely ruin” the Ghosts of Verdansk mode received hundreds of upvotes and initiated a huge discussion.

“They are literally undefeatable with ghosts,” he said, adding that they are “rendering the game mode just BR at night.”

Of course, the sentiment isn’t universal. Many in the above Reddit thread insisted that there isn’t an issue and there are a number of players who love the Ghosts of Verdansk mode.

It’s unlikely developers Raven make any major changes to the Haunting event of the Ghosts of Verdansk mode now, but the players will be hoping for something to make playing as a ghost just a little bit easier.

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