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Warzone players frustrated as Plunder, Clash & Payload modes removed

Published: 23/Oct/2021 16:31

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players have been left seriously frustrated after the Plunder, Payload and Clash modes were removed, making grinding up levels and weapons significantly harder.

The October 21 playlist update — which was actually delayed until October 22 — featured several changes to the available playlists and modes, including minor tweaks to the divisive Ghosts of Verdansk event.

It also saw the return of Iron Trials duos, Resurgence trios, and a number of minor bug fixes, but perhaps most notably, it saw the removal of both the Payload and Clash modes, on top of the loss of Plunder the week before.

Before long, players realized what had changed, and the criticism came out in full force.


Warzone Payload Guide
Payload and Clash are relatively new modes, but players quickly warmed to them.

While the core BR and Resurgence remain by far the most popular modes in Warzone, Plunder, Payload and Clash offered something fresh and, more importantly, something that players could grind out XP in.

Every Warzone player knows the struggle of leveling up, unlocking new attachments for the meta weapons and reaching your level milestones, and both of these modes made that far easier than in regular BR.

Players such as Donkey_Thrasher have already called it “one of the worst playlist updates,” upset about there now being “no mode to grind or level up.”

When are Plunder, Payload & Clash coming back to Warzone?

Fortunately, players won’t have to wait too long for their favorite grind modes to come back. As there’s a playlist update each week, players should look to October 28 for the return of these modes according to Raven’s Season Six blog post.


That said, it’ll only be Plunder making its return to the game on October 28, with no dates or announcements for the return of Clash and Payload.