Game-breaking Warzone glitch lets players get under the map at Airport

New Airport in Warzone Season 3 map VerdanskActivision

Less than a day after the launch of the new Verdansk ‘84 map in Warzone, players have already discovered a horrible glitch to get under the map at Airport and take down unsuspecting opponents.

In any game, when a new season or new content arrives, bugs, glitches and exploits almost immediately jump to the forefront.

With some players dedicating time to finding these exploits, they pop up pretty quickly and instantly become a problem: and this doesn’t look to be any different.

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While we’re only hours into the launch of Season 3 at the time of writing, the devs might have some serious work to do to make things how they should be.

New Warzone Verdansk map superstoreActivision
Warzone players have traveled back in time to 1984, with a new-look version of Verdansk to play in.

Posting his findings to Reddit, WeeabooDude762 showed this broken exploit, giving him a serious advantage over anyone playing around the area.

As you can see, all you have to do is open the lower door on the west side of Airport and stand in the entryway. From there, you can literally clip through the door frame and fall below, giving you free reign over the tunnel area and lines of sight right into airport.

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To make matters worse, once the storm moves and players need to leave, they don’t get stuck — instead, they can simply use the zipline on that side of Airport to rappel up and head to safety.

With this happening at Airport, we can only imagine there will be several others across the map. Hopefully, though, they won’t be discovered too soon and we can enjoy the new map in peace.

No doubt this glitch is going to be used endlessly by cheaters in Warzone Season 3, so developers Raven Software will want to make sure they get a hold on it before it becomes too much of a problem.

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