Warzone streamer pulls off incredible win without getting a single kill

Julian Young
YouTube: ChadWick Live / Activision

We’ve seen plenty of controversial Warzone victories involving some unsavory tactics (cheaters, anyone?) but Warzone streamer ‘ChadWick’ pulled off an incredible no-kill victory while doing it on the up-and-up.

Whether it’s a squad on Rebirth winning by mass forfeit, or a highly skilled player like Seth ‘Scump’ Abner taking out a hacker in spectacular fashion, Warzone has certainly seen its fair share of impressive victories.

Many pros and streamers chase high-kill games as their ultimate accomplishment, but there are certainly other players out there who try to pull off Warzone wins in the funniest, craziest, or wackiest ways possible.

In another example of incredible ingenuity, Facebook Gaming streamer ‘ChadWick‘ was able to achieve a Warzone victory without earning a single kill along the way — and, unlike those pesky stim glitch exploiters, he did it the legit way.

Warzone Season 6 Firefight Verdansk Final
Unlike most Warzone streamers, ChadWick was looking to win without scoring a single kill.

Word of ChadWick’s unique achievement began to spread after the broadcaster shared a step-by-step video breakdown of how he was able to pull off such an impressive win.

His  strategy involved using the game’s Red Door system to loot up on all the items needed to pull off the unique stunt: a gas mask, armor satchel, stims, and self-revive kit.

After scooping up a riot shield for some extra protection, ChadWick then hid (often in plain sight) for the majority of the match, patiently waiting for enemy players to fall off one-by-one.

Once the lobby had been whittled down, the creator put the final stages of his plan in motion: tanking damage with the riot shield, finding another good hiding spot, and using his last few stims to stay alive in the gas for nearly two minutes before finally claiming victory.

While ChadWick’s opponents had plenty of unsavory things to say about his strategy in the post-game lobby, other players were quite impressed with his accomplishment — which took him a whopping 88 attempts to pull off.

“No glitches, no cheats, and 88 attempts, GG sir,” one Reddit comment read, with another remarking “I found that extremely entertaining!”

Others admitted that while the strategy itself may be a bit controversial, ChadWick’s execution was worthy of some praise: “I’m not a fan of the tactic, but kudos for the video. [It] felt like a heist film breaking down how they’re going to get away with robbing the bank.”

Although some players might find his gameplay less entertaining than typical Warzone fare, ChadWick certainly displayed some impressive persistence — who knows what quirky challenges he might come up with next.