Warzone squad gets fastest Rebirth Island win ever without touching ground

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone squad gets fastest Rebirth Island win ever without touching groundActivision

Warzone players are always battling it out to be the last team standing and win the game. While some players have won games in under five minutes, this Rebirth Island team set a world record for the fastest win ever, and never hit the ground.

Rebirth Resurgence is one of Warzone’s most popular modes as it features a smaller map with easter eggs and multiple chances to win.

If players get killed off, they can redeploy if their teammates live long enough for the timer to reach zero.

While winning a game in this mode can be impressive, it is also insane when you are able to do it as quickly as possible. A team set a new world record for the fastest game and it probably will never be beaten.

Rebirth IslandActivision
Players set a world record for the fastest win in Warzone Rebirth Island.

Warzone players set world record for fastest win

If you have ever wondered if it was possible to win a game of Warzone within seconds of dropping then we have an answer for you. In fact, this record is crazier than that.

In a YouTube video, ‘Its Novik’ shows off a new speed that he and his squad set while playing on Rebirth Island: his team was able to win the entire match in less than a second.

Now, to make it even wilder than it already is, his squad did this without leaving the helicopter to drop in. In the video, you can hear his team get hyped for their speedy W.

In the pre-game lobby, there were already a lot of players that were missing due to connection issues or just leaving the game. Since every player had quit before they deployed, the game granted Novik’s squad with the win, thus creating a funny, albeit debatable world record.

While this is most certainly silly, it does prove a simple point: if you care about your wins stats in the leaderboard, don’t quit the pregame lobby.