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Warzone Red Door system: How to get loot & avoid trap doors in Season 5

Published: 15/Aug/2021 17:52

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone Season 5 has brought tons of new content to Verdansk. Red Doors were integrated into the game last season but have seen an overhaul in this one. There’s now a whole corridor of them and you need to pick right if you want the loot.

The mysterious Red Doors were introduced to Warzone just last season, giving players access to extremely high-tier loot.

When finding one of these doors players get access to legendary weapons, killstreaks, and loads of cash. They also allow players to fast travel around the map to a random location.

With the change from Season 4 to 5 Activision has dropped hints of a “Red Door Event” later on. This also changed the system and you need to be precise when finding a door.


Warzone red doors season 4
Red Doors allow players access to rare loot and fast travel around Verdansk.

How to pick the right Red Door every time in Warzone

When entering a Red Door players are now taken into a hallway with four other doors to pick from. You have 30 seconds to pick a door, pick wrong and you’ll get sent back to the sky.

As seen in this clip that the players find a red door and were taken to a hallway. Unfortunately, they chose one of the trap doors and redeployed to the sky.

The new red doors are a little… interesting from CODWarzone

There’s a little trick to figure out which door will send you to the promised land. This requires players to crank up their headsets and really focus on the sound.

When approaching each of the doors you’ll hear a distant noise behind each of them. Three of them will have the same deep noise that just doesn’t have much going to it.


However, the door you want to open is the one that sounds like an alarm clock or a school bell. This is the door that has the rare loot behind it. This video posted by ‘Mr Fishy McFish’ shows the sound you are looking for.

Timestamp of 2:05

Also, another way that hasn’t been 100% confirmed, but seems to be working, is listening to the voices.

You will hear Stitch or Adler when you open a door. If you go into the door that plays Adler’s voice then players have reported that you will always get the door with the loot. So, just be careful