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Warzone star Jukeyz reveals he made year’s salary in just one tournament

Published: 5/Aug/2021 23:56

by Jaret Kappelman


Call of Duty: Warzone professional Jukeyz is one of the game’s rising stars. Earlier this week, he won the Europe World Series of Warzone. Afterward, Jukeyz revealed that was more cash than his old job’s annual salary.

Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James is a CoD streamer whose passion paid off in August 2020 when he signed with the CDL’s London Royal Ravens as a content creator. He also has an endorsement deal as a Red Bull athlete in the UK.

Earning those deals, Jukeyz has proven to be one of EU’s uprising streamers and puts hours in everyday. You can catch him on both the EU and NA servers playing Warzone and practicing for big tournaments.

Since signing with the Ravens, the Warzone player can now be considered a professional and he’s starting to make some big money off prize pools, so much that he revealed he made more in one night than… an entire year at his old job.


Jukeyz wins $300K World Series of Warzone


The World Series of Warzone was hosted on August 4 where Jukeyz was teamed up with Fifakill and Vapulear as a trio. They went on to win the WSOW claiming $50,000 and were the only trio to get over 100 kills during the event.

Jukeyz tweeted out after his win that his share of the prize pool was more money than he would’ve made at his old job.

The Warzone star was absolutely mind blown, realizing that the risk and chance he took on streaming and playing video games has completely changed his life forever.

Entering the WSOW, Jukeyz had earned around a total of $115K from Warzone tournaments which ranked him as the 12th highest earner in the game’s history. From working in a warehouse to making more than a year’s worth of that work in one night, the recent winnings should push Jukeyz into the top 10 all-time as a Warzone earner.


At the rate Jukeyz is going he could possibly find himself on our Top 10 Warzone Players of the month list.