Recrent’s team wins $300K World Series of Warzone EU #1: results & final placements

Jacob Hale. Last updated: Aug 04, 2021

The second World Series of Warzone tournament will see the best Trios in Europe facing off against one another in the most stacked custom lobby the region has ever seen — and there’s a huge $300,000 on the line too.

    • Jukeyz, fifakillvizualz, ItzWarsZ takes $50,000 as the 1st place trio
    • Team Captain Recrent shoots up to 1st place
    • Fifakillvizualz had the most individual kills with 39

$300K World Series of Warzone: Placements

Captain’s Cup Placements

Placement Captain Prize
1st Recrent $20,000
2nd Gotaga $15,000
3rd Angelika $13,000
4th Emzy $12,000
5th Moonryde $10,000

Trio Placements (Top 10)

Placement (by points) Trio Score Prize
1st fifakillvizualz, Jukeyz, ItzWarsZ 148 $50,000
2nd LouiCM, Lenun, Vapulear 126 $30,000
3rd stikinson, Noirstaz, qwizzyxqt 124.5 $20,000
4th CPentagon, KayzahR & fxzzn 124.5 $15,000
5th Scottish_Casper, Xamzah, ShuKzNorris 123 $10,000
6th ESKc, Chowh1, Ayzenlr 95.5 $9,000
7th ShivFPS, Fluxury, GaGOD 81.5 $7,000
8th stedz3ra, SayPleasee, forpantheon 73 $6,000
9th iLame, enoootuuuk, Preepwalker1 65.5 $5,500
10th Bennycentral, QwiKeR THaN u, Primzvh 63.5 $5,000

$300K World Series of Warzone: Results & Recap

While Aydan won the North American portion of the World Series of Warzone trios tournament alongside Rated and HusKerrs, the top EU teams weren’t holding anything back as they rushed through the six WSOW matches to claim the biggest prize in Warzone.

But it was the likes of Jukeyz, Fifakill and Vapulear who took Team Recrent to the top of the leaderboards in dominant fashion. The trio was the only team to surpass 100 kills as a unit.

At the end of the day, that gave them enough of a cushion over second-place squad LouiCM, Lenun and Vapulear, who generally had better match placements, but couldn’t quite keep up with the frags.

Still, it was a great showing by the contestants and overall an extremely competitive event for the inaugural WSOW.

World Series of Warzone EU stream

The World Series of Warzone will be streamed on the main Twitch Rivals channel, though you can also tune in to your favorite streamers to watch from their POV.

World Series of Warzone EU captains & draft

As with the NA side of the tournament, the EU WSOW will feature five captains, each of whom pick 10 trios to play under their ‘team.’ These five captain teams of 10 trios will then compete to secure the most collective points from placements and kills to earn a $100,000 prize pool and the Captain’s Cup championship.

The captains are:

  • Dmity ‘Recrent’ Osintsev
  • Emma ‘EmZ’ Rankin
  • Moonryde
  • Imangelikka
  • Corentein ‘Gotaga Houssein

The draft took place live on the Twitch Rivals channel embedded above on August 3, 2021, at 9am PT (12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST). The full teams from this draft can be found below.

World Series of Warzone EU draft captains
The World Series of Warzone EU captains.

World Series of Warzone EU schedule & format

The draft took place on August 3 as specified above, but the actual tournament itself starts on Wednesday, August 4 at 9am PT (12pm ET / 5pm BST / 6pm CEST).

The format will be the same as the NA tournament. Each kill will be worth one point, while teams will earn placement multipliers as follows:

  • 1st: 2.0x
  • 2nd-15th: 1.5x
  • 16th-50th: 1x

World Series of Warzone EU teams

As expected, all of the region’s biggest names are all set to drop in. From former Warzone event winners like Jukeyz and Spratt to veteran CDL pro Skrapz, the EU event is stacked full of talent.

The full WSOW teams are as follows.

Recrent Moonryde Gotaga Emzy ImAngelikaa
Jukeyz Testyment Louicm Skrapz Kayzahr
Forpantheon ILame Chowh1 Avieraptor ShivFPS
Stikinson Izakooo Low4n Shukznorris Spratt
OhCoyle Flexz Phyzikk Inollzy MethodzSick
MikoloTV Encorestt BennyCentral Itslomba Savyultras90
Donkaaklijn Stylerz Janowicz Teekayeu Jaxstyle
ThomasPaste Criper Velox ZogoroTV Orb
BerriTV Pannir Norby MckyTV Foty14
SinapsisYT Delux Xhankyy Puxque Morrog