Warzone August 5 update patch notes: Krig nerf, CX-9 buff

Warzone Krig 6 assault rifle nerfActivision

Warzone devs Raven Software have revealed a few weapon balancing changes in the August 5 update, and it could shake up the meta slightly ahead of Season 5.

Most players have been pretty happy with the Warzone meta throughout Season 4, with several viable weapons and playstyles across the board.

This might change slightly though as the August 5 update makes tweaks to certain meta weapons, with both the Krig 6 assault rifle and new SMG CX-9 being altered.

There are rumored to be huge changes coming in Season 5, especially with a next-gen console update on the cards, so this could just be the calm before the storm.

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Krig 6 nerf

  • Lower torso multiplier decreased from 1.1 to 1
  • Maximum damage range decreased from 1500 to 1400

CX-9 buff

  • Increased mid damage range from 20 to 21
  • Increased headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1.45

Overall, these aren’t the biggest weapon balancing changes we’ve ever seen.

With the Krig 6 being the biggest competitor to the C58’s long-range dominance in Verdansk, it’s surprising to see the Cold War assault rifle nerfed.

Meanwhile, the CX-9 hasn’t made much of an impact on the Warzone meta, so devs Raven Software are clearly looking to make it more of a big hitter in the SMG class. Whether it will be able to compete with the Bullfrog, Mac 10 or the MW MP5 remains to be seen.

Season 5 of Warzone promises a whole host of new content for players to sink their teeth into. Expected to release on Thursday, August 12, there will likely be some small map changes as CoD 2021 — rumored to be a World War 2-themed game called Vanguard — grows ever closer.

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