Warzone star Aydan becomes first pro to hit $300k in tournament earnings

call of duty warzone pro aydan money roze skinsActivision / Pexels / Twitter, @aydan

Call of Duty: Warzone pro Aydan has become the first player to cross the $300,000 threshold in tournament earnings. But, while he reigned supreme on Verdansk, others are catching up in the lead up to Pacific: Caldera.

While it may not be considered among the world’s foremost esports, Warzone’s tournament scene has not slowed down one bit. And, with it, pro players have yet to slow down their bank deposits, either.

After overtaking HusKerrs as the highest-earning Warzone pro back in March 2021, Aydan has continued a reign of Verdansk terror. Now, a month before the new map comes out, the former Fortnite pro has eclipsed the $300,000 mark and maintained his footing at the top.

With EsportsEarnings finally updating their Warzone chart, it was revealed that Aydan had passed the $300k milestone. But he’s on shakier ground than he had been in months, with former CDL pro Tommey quickly closing the gap.

Aydan hits $300k in Warzone earnings

Aydan quietly eclipsed $300,000 in earnings, meaning the pro has been Warzone’s most prolific player since the game’s release in March 2020. And this continues a chokehold on highest-earner honors, which he has held since March 2021.

Now, though, Tommey is gaining steam. The former Call of Duty professional and renowned Warzone IGL (in-game leader) is up to $274,174 in earnings — just around $30k less than Aydan’s $309,223.

Aydan tweeted about hitting the $300k mark and was quickly congratulated by Tom. In response, the top earner recognized the closing gap: “You’ve been winning too much lately it’s looking kinda spooky for me.”

Back in October, Tommey had $228,329 in earnings while Aydan had $274,015. Making up about $20k in a month, it’s clear why Aydan would take note of Tom’s ascent.

Regardless, it’s unlikely that there’s a shakeup at the top two spots until after Verdansk’s conclusion. With Vanguard released and its new Warzone Pacific: Caldera map on the horizon, we may need to wait until December for more high-stakes Warzone tournaments.