JGOD shows fastest ways to level Vanguard weapons for Warzone

JGOD shows fastest ways to level Vanguard weapons for WarzoneActivision / JGOD

With the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, Warzone guru JGOD showed off the fastest ways to level up your weapons so you can use them when Season 1 drops. 

Warzone’s Vanguard integration will come in Season 1, which is scheduled for December 2.

This will bring the new map Caldera, Vanguard specific modes, along with all the weapons from the game.

Interestingly, Vanguard weapons can have up to 10 attachments, which means a lot of unlocking to do if you want fully kitted classes. But, thankfully, JGOD has some recommendations for how to level guns up as fast as possible.

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JGOD breaks down the fastest ways to level up Vanguard weapons for Warzone.

Fastest ways to level up Vanguard weapons for Warzone

Warzone content creator JGOD is usually on top of the ball when it comes to tips and he is not disappointing with Vanguard.

In his latest video, he shows the best techniques to level up your Vanguard weapons so they will be max level by Season 1’s Warzone integration.

Most guns go up to level 70, which requires around 150,000 XP to max it out. So, to get started on that large mission for XP, JGOD said to decide which game mode you’re best at.

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Even though Search and Destroy can give you the most XP, it is still more time-efficient to play what you can get the most kills and score in.

Here’s his full list of the fastest ways to level up Vanguard weapons:

  • Play the game mode that you can get the highest score per minute in.
  • Play Blitz pacing at all times, as there are more people to get in gunfights with.
  • Take advantage of Operators’ favorite weapon as it grants bonus XP.
  • Focus on ARs and SMGs as they are more likely to become Warzone meta.

On the first day, JGOD used these methods and was able to max four weapons. He does not recommend playing Zombies to level up as he calculated that you only get around 12 XP per kill which means you need to slaughter over 12,000 zombies to max one weapon.

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How long does it take to max out a Vanguard weapon

It will take on average about six hours to max out one weapon. Currently, there are 32 weapons in the game, which means you are looking at around 192 hours or 8 days of gameplay to complete all the weapons.

Obviously, the fastest way is to use these methods above and combine them with Double Weapons XP tokens or special event weekends, as you will be able to cut the time in half.

You can also wait for Season 1 on December 2 and play Warzone Pacific’s Plunder mode to level up specific Vanguard weapons.

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