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Warzone reportedly getting new ‘Red Door’ fast-travel system in Season 3

Published: 29/Apr/2021 4:06 Updated: 29/Apr/2021 4:19

by Brad Norton


With Warzone Season 3 now in full swing and Verdansk ‘84 taking center stage, a new fast-travel system is reportedly on the way, one that sees players using ‘Red Doors’ scattered throughout the map.

Just one week removed from Warzone’s biggest update yet, and new intel could already be hinting at what’s next. A brand new survey was reportedly sent out on April 28. This Warzone questionnaire asked players about various changes in Season 3.

From several brand-new POIs to updated lighting, the survey wanted to find out what players “enjoyed most.” Out of the five options listed for players to choose from, however, one hasn’t actually made it into the game yet. 


‘The Red Doors’ are highlighted as a “fast-travel system” in Season 3. While they haven’t been accessible this week, it could be an indication they’re on the way.

Verdansk 84 has red doors that offer fast travel? (Image from a survey that was sent out earlier today) from CODWarzone

There’s no telling for certain how this reported feature might work in Warzone. Though a Red Door was visible in the Hospital POI throughout the latest Verdansk ‘84 trailer. If it functions in the same style as previous fast-travel systems, players could be jumping from area to area simply by interacting with these doors.

Red Doors have been a prominent theme in Call of Duty over the past year. Having first leaked on the Xbox Live Store in July 2020, The Red Door was used as a codename for an internal alpha test at Activision.


They also feature prominently throughout the storyline of Black Ops Cold War. Therefore, it only seems fitting they make their way over to the hugely popular battle royale as well.

Back in Season 6, players were introduced to the first iteration of fast travel. Through the new subway system, teams were able to quickly venture across the map in a loop that featured seven stops. With this underground network now a thing of the future, there’s currently no way to fast-travel.

Black Ops Cold War Red Door
Red Doors featured prominently throughout Black Ops Cold War’s campaign.

Given this new survey was allegedly sent around to a number of Warzone players, there’s a chance the Red Doors were intended for Season 3’s launch. Though there’s also a chance the feature has been scrapped behind the scenes, so do take the information with a grain of salt for now.


We’ll just have to wait and see if a new fast-travel system makes it way to Warzone soon. The developers certainly love dropping hints in-game. So be sure to keep an eye out for more and more red doors with each update.