Mysterious CoD 2020 ‘Red Door’ listing appears with CIA codename

Brad Norton
Call of Duty The Red Door artworkActivision

The next Call of Duty release has been shrouded in mystery, but an intriguing new listing on the Xbox Live store may have confirmed an Alpha test codename — and one savvy player even managed to download the game, too.

Treyarch has now made it further into a year than any Call of Duty developer without revealing their latest title. The developers have been extremely tight-lipped without so much as a single teaser trailer being shared online.

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Despite the secrecy, information has begun to slip through the cracks as various datamines and leaks previously revealed the game’s codename. ‘The Red Door’ is the label that appeared for an internal Alpha test on June 10.

That codename has now appeared again as a July 15 public listing was spotted on the Xbox Live store. While it’s purely a codename for now, the store page came fit with key art, a full description, and even allowed users to redeem a code for early access.

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Xbox Live Store listing The Red Door Call of Duty 2020Xbox Live Store
An official listing of ‘The Red Door’ appeared on the Xbox Live Store.

“There is more than one truth,” the description reads.  “If you go looking for answers, be ready to question everything and accept that nothing will ever be the same. The Red Door awaits, do you dare step through it?”

The listing is from Activision Publishing Inc. and classified as a ‘Shooter’. While fans can’t access it yet, the listing does allow for a code to be redeemed directly on the page. Rather than testing internally, it seems an early version has been deployed across Xbox Live and even the PlayStation network — a PS4 listing for The Red Door has also been spotted on Serial Station.

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This could simply be a means of testing for Treyarch developers around the world. However, it could well be laying the groundwork for an eventual public test. Only time will tell as the 2020 release is officially revealed in the coming months.

The Xbox listing boasts a file size of 81.65GB. This is no small download and even clocks in 10GB larger than the original leak. Artwork is identical to previous versions as well, with a keyhole revealing a maze-like pattern.

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Xbox Live Store The Red Door file sizeXbox Live Store
The Red Door has a massive file size coming in at 81.65GB.

Another new name potentially leaked?

Once the Xbox Store listing was accidentally published, many believed that ‘The Red Door’ could be the official name of the upcoming Call of Duty title, but one player was able to take advantage of the opportunity and download the game to his Xbox — revealing a brand new name altogether.

As well as Black Ops Cold War and The Red Door, you can now add ‘Black Ops CIA’ to the list of potential titles for the game, as JunkratScrub115 managed to boot the game up on his Xbox One console.

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It’s no secret that Call of Duty developers have multiple codenames for their games, so it’s highly possible that Black Ops CIA is just another one of those, especially as JunkratScrub was unable to get past the Black Ops splashscreen when you first load up the game to offer more confirmation.

One particularly interesting tidbit from the store listing is that this version of the game has already been classified. An M rating has been applied by the Entertainment Software Rating Board in the US. Typically, developers only apply for ratings once their titles have gone gold, meaning that the game is all but finalized.

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There’s no telling how far off we are from the 2020 Call of Duty release. A date has not yet been set in stone as Treyarch is clearly staying busy behind the scenes. It seems, however, that a full reveal is now certainly right around the corner.

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