5 WWII guns that should be added to Warzone after PPSh in Season 3

Call of Duty Warzone WWII gunsSledgehammer Games

Warzone Season 3 has added the PPSh to the game’s ever-growing arsenal, but what other WWII weapons should be added in the future? 

With the PPSh arriving in Warzone Season 3 and the rumors surrounding the WWII theme of CoD 2021, there’s never been a better time to take a look at the iconic weapons that need to be added to Warzone. While the likes of the Kar98k may already be in the game, there are plenty of fan favorites that are still missing from the current weapon pool. 

The PPSh was famously used by the USSR until the 1960s, but the addition of this SMG could well be a tease for Call of Duty’s upcoming title. If that is the case, then players could expect to see more historical weaponry added to Warzone in the future. After all, WWII saw the largest arms race the world has ever witnessed, so there’s no shortage of deadly weapons. Here are the top five we’d love to see make an appearance in Warzone. 

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Thompson SMG Call of DutySledgehammer Games / Drift0r
The Thompson has always been a fan-favorite in past CoD titles.

If the Russian-made PPSh can join Warzone ranks, then the Thompson should also join the weapon roster. Just like the PPSh, the Thompson (Tommy gun) was used long after the WWII conflict. In fact, the FBI famously used these punchy SMGs until they were declared obsolete in the early 1970s. 

In Call of Duty, the Thompson has always been known for its high damage, low recoil, and high rate of fire. While not as fast as its Russian counterpart, this SMG could down multiple opponents thanks to the Drum Magazine attachment, which held a sizable 45 rounds in CoD WWII. 

M1 Garand

M1 Garand CoDSledgehammer Games
The M1 Garand still remains one of the most satisfying guns to use in Call of Duty.

Arguably the most iconic rifle to come out of WWII, the M1 Garand was used by U.S. forces throughout the 1940s conflict. This reliable rifle is known for its satisfying “pinging” sound, which signaled to the user that the empty clip had been ejected. Unlike other rifles during this period, the Garand was Semi-Automatic and enabled U.S. servicemen to fire off multiple shots in quick succession.

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This made it the perfect counter to the various bolt-action rifles that dominated the battlefields at the time. Attaching a scope to the Garand and modifying it for long-range firefights could make it incredibly satisfying to use in Verdansk, particularly when any headshots line up with the iconic “ping” sound effect. 

StG 44

StG 44 Call of Duty Sledgehammer Games / Drift0r
The StG 44 was the world’s first successful AR.

The StG 44 is probably one of the easiest WWII weapons that could be integrated into Warzone – after all, it was the first successful assault rifle to be produced. This early AR could be fitted with everything from telescopic sights, suppressors, and even rifle grenades. This obviously brings it more in line with the various Assault Rifles found in Warzone. 

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Just like every Call of Duty title, we would expect the StG’s RPM (rounds per minute) and attachments to change in order for it to compete with the current weapon rotation. We’d expect it to have a similar playstyle to the Soviet AK-47, which was heavily influenced by the StG 44. 

M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine CoD WWIISledgehammer Games
The Carbine allows for some incredibly precise shots.

The M1 Carbine saw wide use by U.S. soldiers during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. This does make it a rather plausible pick for any future Warzone weapon integration updates. Although it lacked the stopping power and range of the M1 Garand, the Carbine’s lightweight and compact design makes it particularly useful for aggressive play. 

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The fire rate is also much higher than that of the Garand, and those with a quick trigger finger can quickly bombard players with a number of highly accurate rounds. Kitting the Carbine out with a reflex sight and High Caliber rounds could make this a pretty punchy mid-range rifle. 


MP40 Call of Duty WWIISledgehammer Games / Drift0r
The MP40 has always had great hipfire accuracy.

For many Call of Duty players, this SMG will bring back the nightmares from Call of Duty: World at War. Not only did this gun absolutely dominate multiplayer lobbies with its incredible hipfire and random headshot capabilities, but it was also the easiest weapon to use. 

The MP40 has a more methodical rate of fire than Thompson and PPSh, but this is made up for with its high damager per bullet. The overall kick of the weapon also makes it much harder to control at range, so the MP40 would really only be used in close-quarters firefights. 

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There you have it, five WWII guns we’d love to see added Warzone. Make sure you check out our Call of Duty hub for all the latest news and updates.