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Warzone Most Wanted contracts removed after causing “god mode” invincibility glitch

Published: 16/Apr/2021 21:00 Updated: 16/Apr/2021 21:04

by Theo Salaun


Raven Software have removed the Most Wanted contract from Call of Duty: Warzone after players found a way to exploit it into giving them “god mode” invincibility – essentially making them unkillable.

In a battle royale that has become known for uncomfortably fast TTK (time-to-kill), a new exploit is ironically doing the opposite — making players completely and permanently invulnerable to damage. That’s not even an exaggeration; whether by fall damage, rounds of bullets, or the toxic gas, players in “god mode” cannot be hurt by anything.

Discovered around a day after Warzone’s April 15 patch released, players were either accidentally finding themselves blessed by the glitch or cursed by an enemy using it. Gaining popularity across social media, fans quickly began bouncing between outrage following the latest patch.


As seen in the video below, there was an enemy player who is completely invincible in the lobby. First, they tried to hit them with snipes and that didn’t work. Then, someone tried to execute the “god mode” exploiter and that didn’t work either.

So there’s a God Mode Glitch now? 💀 🎵 "One step forward, two steps back… with every update." 🎵 from CODWarzone

As shared in other Reddit posts by players hoping to get this issue solved, it quickly became evident that the problem was linked to Most Wanted contracts.

While we won’t detail exactly how the exploit is performed, the contracts played a pivotal role and that meant a simple, albeit temporary fix is available: remove Most Wanted from the game.


That’s exactly what Raven Software did shortly after the glitch began gaining notoriety on April 16: “We’ve updated Warzone to no longer include the Most Wanted contract in the Verdansk BR playlist. This contract was linked to players entering an invincible state.”

Like with an invisibility exploit that was tied to Attack Helicopters, Warzone’s developers solved the “god mode” glitch by quickly deleting Most Wanted contracts from their battle royale.

As was the case with the choppers, which remain unavailable on Verdansk, it’s possible the contract will remain shelved for a while after being removed.

But that is most certainly the lesser of two evils and a furious fan base would much rather not have the contract available than have to deal with godly, unkillable enemies.