New Warzone Season 3 Nuke Radiation Zones are turning players into Zombies


With Season 3 just around the corner in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone, Raven Software have added another new Radiation Zones to Hospital that’s turning players into zombies if they spend too much time inside.

A lot is happening in Verdansk and fast, as Warzone prepares of the launch of Season 3 and all of the new content and major changes its expected to bring to the battle royale.

On April 15, Activision announced that the ongoing zombie contamination on Verdansk had reached 100%, leading to the addition of giant Radiation Zones, indicated on the map with giant red circles around the logo for radiation/nuclear activity.

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Once you’re inside the boundaries of the circles, everything suddenly takes on a greenish hue, which is the radiation that also deals damage, meaning you can die if you spend too much time inside.

April 16 Warzone Nuke Radiation Zones: Hospital

As we guessed correctly after Shipwreck and Prison were hit with these nuclear zones, it’s clear now that the devs are following the same path they did when the zombie outbreak first happened.

The zone around Hospital pretty much covers the entire POI along with a bit of the surrounding areas, even crossing over the canal and into the western edge of Downtown.

Speaking of Downtown, if this trend continues, then that’s where the next radioactive area will be, so stay tuned!

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Hospital Radiation Zone in Warzone.Activision
Hospital is now inside a Radiation Zone in Warzone.

April 15 Warzone Nuke Radiation Zones: Shipwreck & Prison

The first two zones were placed around the Shipwreck and Prison points of interest, which also happen to be the first two POIs that had zombies when the outbreak first began at the start of Season 2.

Whether or not that is a coincidence remains to be seen; if it’s not and Raven are following the same pattern as the outbreak, then the next zones will most likely be at Hospital and Downtown.

Radiation Zones in WarzoneActivision; CharlieIntel
The first two Radiation Zones in Warzone surrounded Shipwreck and Prison.

Warzone Nuke Radiation Zones turning players into Zombies

Dealing damage is not the only thing these radioactive areas do; for those who are playing Warzone in a non-solo playlist, if you end up dying from the radiation, you actually turn into a full-on zombie!

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As a zombie, you are able to run faster, not die from fall damage, and have several special abilities: Charged Jump, Gas Grenade, and EMP Blast.

All of this is leading to the launch of Season 3, which many expect will kick off with a massive ‘Nuke Event’ that dataminers have been leaking and teasing for quite a while now.

Thanks to recent leaks, we already know that the next iteration of Verdansk will take everything back to the 1980s, so this seems to be yet another sign of preparation for that transition.