Warzone star HusKerrs demands nerfs to “bulls**t” AUG TTK

huskerrs aug warzoneTwitter, @HusKerrs / Activision

As the AUG and FFAR meta continues to dominate Call of Duty: Warzone, one of the game’s top earners, HusKerrs, has joined the cause and asked the developers to nerf the guns’ TTK (time-to-kill).

When Black Ops Cold War integrated with Modern Warfare in Warzone, it didn’t take long for the DMR 14 to become a dreaded slugger on the map. The tactical rifle shredded anyone and everyone with just a few shots, coupling with the short-range MAC 10 for a terrifying meta.

But, following nerfs to the DMR and MAC, a brief period of happily varied weapon choices has given way to Cold War’s AUG tactical rifle and FFAR assault rifle. With two bursts of the AUG capable of downing a fully armored player at range and the FFAR’s firing rate blitzing foes up close, the TTK in Verdansk feels lower than ever.

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This has become a problem for many of the game’s best players and casual fans alike. After Twitch superstar NICKMERCS called the AUG meta “broken” and celebrities Trevor Noah and Odell Beckham Jr. pleaded for nerfs — Jordan ‘HusKerrs’ Thomas has chimed in, reaching out to the devs directly.

As HusKerrs specifies, the problem with these guns is simply how quickly they kill other players: “holy f**k, the TTK is so god damn low that it’s not even fun.”

Eventually, he tags the battle royale’s developers, hitting them with a polite “please” and a less-polite “give us variety and not this burst weapon bulls**t.” And HusKerrs is far from the only one to be growing increasingly frustrated with the weapons.

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As one of the game’s top earners, Warzone is dear to Husk’s heart and his wallet. Another popular player who has made quite a nice sum off of the title is Twitch legend TimTheTatMan. He, too, echoed the complaints — but took things a step further.

To say that the AUG meta is worse than the DMR meta is a serious claim. With Warzone’s top earner, Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad replying that the DMR “was the most OP primary ever,” it’s clear that the gun is held in sinister regard. 

As of yet, the developers have not responded to any of the complaints or indicated what buffs and nerfs might be on the way. It took a while for the DMR to be nerfed, but it did eventually happen — so one has to assume that nerfs to the AUG and FFAR are coming (possibly during the Season 2 mid-season update).

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