Warzone’s Attack Helicopters removed again due to new invisibility glitch

Jacob Hale

Raven Software have removed the recently-added Attack Helicopters from Warzone after players reported getting killed by completely invisible enemies.

Invisibility isn’t a new feature in Warzone, with old glitches allowing players to go invisible by, for example, letting a Loadout Drop fall on them. Shortly after the Attack Helicopters were added back, players are once again literally hiding in plain sight in Verdansk, and it’s causing untold levels of anguish.

A lot of players were relying on the Season 2 Reloaded patch to iron out a number of the game’s most frustrating bugs. Unfortunately, it appears the invisibility exploit has slipped through the cracks once again.

If trying to play against the Roze skins wasn’t bad enough, this new bug makes Warzone look like Hogwarts, with invisibility cloaks in abundance.

Warzone players have become increasingly frustrated with the “pay-to-win” Roze skin.

Warzone Invisibility bug returns after Reloaded update

Despite reports of the bug occurring in Warzone games towards the end of March, players were hopeful that the Reloaded patch would address the issue. Unfortunately, as seen in one of its_iron’s streams following the update, the bug is still a problem and causing players to lose Warzone matches.

Unlike the majority of videos showing the glitch, this clip highlights the exploit out in the open in the final ring of a match. Its_iron and his teammate are in the final stages of a game when they realize the enemy player is invisible.

Despite attempts to run over the opponent or land a lucky stun, they’re unable to locate the invisible player and lose the match. Although it’s frustrating, there was very little either of them could have done to counter the exploit.

Attack Helicopters removed in Warzone

Shortly after news of the invisibility glitch’s return began spreading online, Raven added the issue to their Warzone Trello tracking board. Subsequently, they announced that the attack choppers were removed to combat the exploit.

Ironically, this is almost an identical repeat of the first time this became a big issue. These same choppers were disabled shortly after being initially added at the start of Season 1, once players figured out a way to use them to gain invisibility.

Raven decided it was safe to add them back with the Season 2 Reloaded update, nearly two and a half months later, but they were clearly mistaken since the vehicle’s return was almost instantly followed by the invisibility exploit being used yet again.

There is currently no timetable for when the Attack Helicopters will be added back in Warzone, but judging by how long it took for them to be brought back the first time, it could be a few months at the very least.