Warzone invisibility glitch accidentally makes Battle Pass pay-to-win

Nathan Warby
Warzone Tier 100 ksin invisibity glitch

The December 15 update for Warzone Pacific has introduced a number of bugs into the game. One of the more severe makes the Tier 100 Awoken skin invisible over a certain distance, appearing to make the Battle Pass temporarily pay-to-win.

After the much-anticipated release of the new Caldera map, Warzone Pacific has launched with a handful of teething problems. The 1.50 update on December 15 aimed to fix a number of bugs, as well as nerf the overpowered Automaton.

However, alongside a number of fixes, the patch appears to have brought with it some new issues that weren’t present before. We’ve already seen the Kar98k made into a semi-auto rifle, but the problems don’t stop there.

A bug with the Tier 100 Battle Pass skin is turning players invisible from a specific distance away. In turn, this glitch is making Warzone temporarily pay-to-win.

warzone Season 1 tier 100 skin
The Awoken Francis skin is the legendary skin for reaching Battle Pass Tier 100.

The issue was uncovered by ex-pro CoD player Benny Central. In a post to his official Twitter account, he revealed that the recent update makes the Awoken Francis skin impossible to see from over 35 meters away.

He accompanied the Tweet with a video, in which a player was aiming at him with the skin equipped. Based on the marker found on the HUD, you can see that once he runs 35 meters away from the player he completely vanishes.

The invisibility seems to apply whether you are a teammate or an enemy, which makes this glitch especially game-breaking. Anyone who has managed to reach level 100 in the Battle Pass has a significant advantage over their opponents in long-range gunfights.

A few well-placed sniper shots from more than 35 meters away could wipe out a team before they even realize an enemy is nearby.

Perhaps the biggest problem this raises is that the broken skin can only be obtained by purchasing the Battle Pass and grinding or paying to reach Level 100. For the time being, at least, it seems that Warzone is pay-to-win until a fix is deployed.

When you consider the drastic impact this could have on Warzone matches, players will be hoping that Raven Software is working on a patch. Until then, players should take extra care when exploring Caldera.