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Warzone players stunned as update makes Kar98k a semi-auto monster

Published: 15/Dec/2021 11:33 Updated: 15/Dec/2021 17:21

by Andrew Highton


The Kar98k has long been one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most formidable meta weapons. The Marksman Rifle makes a great Sniper Rifle, and now it seems to have gotten an unintentional semi-auto buff thanks to the newest Warzone update.

Warzone’s 1.50 update has dropped and it’s made several huge changes to the battle royale. The much-hyped RICOCHET anti-cheat system is now officially live worldwide to clamp down on hackers and cheaters. Not only that but several weapons have been nerfed, namely the Automaton Assault Rifle from Vanguard.

But, one accidental change seems to have happened to the ever-popular Kar98k, as one member of the KARNAGE Clan claims that the gun is now semi-auto.


Warzone kar98k in loadout screen
The Kar98k has held the crown as Warzone’s elite rifle for a very long time.

For some reason, the Kar98k has been left relatively untouched for a long time now. Apart from the Swiss K31, no other Sniper Rifle is truly worth using when you can use the Kar98k.

KRNG Depv thinks that the gun is now even more OP following the December 14 Warzone update. “They broke the Kar98 in Warzone now,” they said in a very simple Tweet.

The Tweet came with a video demonstrating the after-effects of the recent changes to the weapon. The player proceeded to fire multiple shots, one after another, with the Kar98k, with little room to breathe in-between.



When they got into a 1v1 with another player, they were able to just keep unloading rounds into the player until they were dead. The damage output of the Kar still seems to be the same, so the huge increase of its fire rate means it’s now even stronger than it already was. The timing of the new Kar98k bug seems to coincide with the latest Warzone update.
Given that this is certainly not how the gun is supposed to behave, we imagine Raven Software will be working on a fix to stop players abusing this new OP buff.