Warzone players claim constant meta updates make it “impossible” to have fun

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone players claim constant meta updates make it "impossible" to have fun

When playing Warzone, finding the right weapon is vital to success. But with the meta constantly updating in new patches, players are claiming it’s “impossible” to enjoy the game.

With Vanguard’s integration for Pacific, the Warzone armory is bigger than ever. There are well over 100 primary weapons in the game that people can customize to make the best loadout possible.

Recently, the devs have increased the frequency of their updates, nerfing and adjusting some of the title’s best weapons at a faster rate than ever.

While this may seem like a great balance change, casual-leaning gamers are complaining that this is sucking the fun out of Caldera.

Warzone Greande skin
Warzone players are claiming that there are too many meta-shifting updates.

Warzone players tired of frequent meta updates 

One of the best feelings in Warzone is getting the victory screen after battling it out with 149 other players, but doing that can be hard without the proper weaponry.

This Reddit post by ‘JMGTR’ looks at Warzone from a casual player’s point of view and how annoying it gets with the meta shifting every week.

If they are only playing two hours a day it could take nearly half the week to unlock the “good” attachments. But by that time, there could be a new update released that shakes up the meta again.

JMGTR said, “Spend the next few nights grinding…. Finally, you unlock all the attachments needed for a Warzone build… to discover it’s now a BB-gun and something else you don’t have is broken instead.”

CoD Warzone Pacific
Warzone players are annoyed by the amount of time it takes to level up weapons.

This means that a whole week can be wasted to get the best loadout possible, just for Warzone to switch up and then the grinding pattern is repeated over and over all without ever dropping into Caldera.

The majority of people think the easy fix for this would be making weapons level up faster. There was a glitch that allowed for quad XP, but the devs disabled it right away – disappointing players.

Overall, players just want to see fewer updates come out so they can enjoy the game again by using the same weapons as everyone else, without the worry of having to grind for attachments nightly.

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