Warzone devs instantly disable Plunder 2XP after OP leveling bug found

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Call of Duty: Warzone fans were loving a new bug giving 4XP, but the devs are shutting it down. After less than a day, Pacific Plunder has been removed while the XP stacking glitch is investigated.

This is why we can’t have nice things. Warzone fans found a bug that allowed them to stack 2XP tokens on top of the 2XP holiday weekend. They got excited, all stormed Plunder to level Vanguard guns, and eventually the buzz reached Raven Software.

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Now, in what might be one of the devs’ fastest patches ever, 2XP has been disabled in Plunder.

Unsurprisingly, community response is… not pretty. While understanding that it was a bug, many were already frustrated by how long Vanguard’s guns take to level up and now they’re mad their early-holiday present was taken back.

Warzone removes Plunder 2XP after leveling bug discovered

The Warzone Pacific holiday event launched at midnight on December 17 and people quickly figured out they could sneakily stack XP. But, after it got attention on Twitter, Raven Software flat-out disabled 2XP in Plunder within about seven hours.

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People aren’t just annoyed with the developers after the decision, though. Now, they’re even frustrated with the popular accounts who publicized the bug.

Warzone players upset with devs and creators after 4XP bug removed

The top-liked reply on Raven’s software tweet summed up many fans’ sentiments: “it’s like you don’t want people to enjoy the game.”

But some of those annoyances have spread to accounts like ModernWarzone. After they told everyone to use the bug to level their guns, people are complaining that it had existed in secrecy for months and shouldn’t have been publicized.

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But what’s done is done. At least there’s still a 2XP weekend to grind with.

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