Call of Duty League denies claims Warzone was nearly 2022’s third game mode

Brad Norton
Warzone gameplay

Call of Duty League representatives have shut down claims from competitive veteran Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter that suggest Warzone was almost locked in as 2022’s third game mode.

While the CDL has promoted a small handful of Warzone tournaments since its 2020 release, the CoD battle royale was allegedly nearing a much more substantial crossover ahead of the 2022 season.

With Vanguard in focus and the third competitive game mode still undetermined, CoD’s most successful player Crimsix claimed a vote was held behind the scenes. This vote was supposedly held to lock in a final game mode to complement Hardpoint and S&D.

Although Control is now featured in that slot throughout Challengers, the CDL previously considered Warzone, according to Crim. “We [were] one vote away from playing Warzone as map three,” he said in a recent Twitch stream.

CDL Los Angeles Home Series
Warzone was supposedly only one vote away from being featured in the CDL.

Initially brushing the comment off, he soon doubled down. “I’m actually not even f***ing kidding,” he added. “We’ve got motherf***ers deciding our map three that haven’t even picked up a controller.

“You guys think I’m kidding, I’m actually being deada** serious.” It’s not the first time Crim has been vocal about this situation. He even teased Warzone as the third mode just a few days prior.

“We’re not supposed to talk about it, but this sh** is so embarrassingly bad,” he said during an earlier broadcast. “It wasn’t Control. Let’s just say it’s as extreme as Prop Hunt, and it was almost voted in. 

“Here, I’ll give you guys a hint,” he said before swapping screens to some Warzone gameplay.

“Were the players consulted?” a viewer asked in chat. “Absolutely f***ing not,” Crim answered without hesitation.

Despite doubling down on these claims and mentioning Warzone as the CDL’s third pick multiple times now, the rumors have since been debunked.

“Unfortunately, this is not a true statement,” CDL Player Relations Manager Spencer Peterson replied in light of Crim’s latest comments.

For the time being, a third mode at the CDL level is yet to be announced. Although Control arrived in Season 1, the playlist has quickly been deemed unviable due to a plethora of bugs in custom games.

We’ll have to wait and see if bug fixes arrive in time before a different third mode is locked in. However, if the CDL sticks to its word, Warzone won’t be featured in the 2022 season.