Warzone 2 expert claims no recoil AR is battle royale’s “best” gun

Warzone 2 Operator with Assault RifleActivision

Finding the right weapon is vital to success in Warzone 2, and CoD guru Metaphor has shown off a new build that he claims is the game’s best Assault Rifle.

Warzone 2 is brimming with powerful weapons to try out, but finding the best option to suit your playstyle can be tricky. SMGs are ideal for close-range but can struggle at a distance, while Sniper Rifles tend to have poor mobility.

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That’s why most players gravitate toward Assault Rifles, thanks to their solid damage output and versatility at all ranges.

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Warzone 2 expert Metaphor has revealed what he thinks to the pick of the bunch in the AR category, and showed off the ideal loadout.

In his November 24 video, Metaphor claimed that the Kastov 762 is the most dominant Assault Rifle that Warzone 2 has to offer right now, and explained that he has been using the gun “all day, every day.”

“This thing has barely any recoil and it has the most insane burst potential to completely kill people of head glitches,” the YouTuber said. “I do think this is the best AR in the game.”

Check out Metaphor’s best Kastov 762 loadout below:

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Metaphor’s best Kastov 762 loadout in Warzone 2

  • Barrel: KAS-10 584MM Barrel
  • Muzzle: Polarfire-S
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple
  • Magazine: 40-Round Mag

The secret to Metaphor’s Kastov 762 loadout lies in the tuning for each attachment, which allows you to eliminate most of the recoil that usually holds the weapon back. He began by tuning the VX Pineapple for maximum ADS speed and hip walking speed to increase mobility.

Then, he set the Polarfire-S Muzzle to the maximum bullet velocity and +0.86 oz weight to favor recoil smoothness. Likewise, the KAS-10 584MM Barrel was tuned to the highest recoil smoothness and 0.13 on damage range.

Optics are mostly down to personal preference, but Metaphor felt that moving the Cronen Mini Pro as far away from his eye line as possible, and setting the weight to -1.55 oz for better ADS speed was ideal. Lastly, he went for 40 Round Mags to ensure you can deal with multiple enemies before reloading.

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With this setup, the Kastov turns into an absolute laser that’s far more accurate than other weapons in its class. So, be sure to give it a spin on your next trip to Al Mazrah.

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