Top 5 Warzone duos to watch during the Baka WonderLAN

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s first LAN tournament is upon us, with the Baka Bros’ BakaWonderLAN. To set the stage, here are the top five duos that people should watch out for at the $100,000 event.

Released in March 2020, Warzone has been home to millions of dollars in tournament prize pools over the past year and a half, but none came on LAN. That changes today, as $100,000 will be fought over in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Complexity’s newest trio, the Baka Bros, are celebrating their new org with the game’s very first major LAN tournament: the BakaWonderLAN.

Hosted by two of the Bakas, Lucky Chamu and Repullze, and competed in by the third – DiazBiffle – the event is sure to be a spicy one. But, of all the highly ranked 15 duos invited, here are the five you need to keep an eye on.

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5. Aydan and Fifakill

Two of the world’s very best Warzone players split from their traditional duos and come together for this event. With Jukeyz and Rated unable to participate, Fifakill and Aydan are combining forces. 

This tandem couples Warzone’s highest all-time earner, Aydan, with Fifakill, a UK demon who gets to play in a North America event on reasonable ping for the first time ever. While chemistry is still a question, the talent is there and the ping upgrade could most certainly work in their favor.

4. Biffle and SuperEvan

Diaz Biffle and SuperEvan, also known as SuperBiffle, haven’t won a lot of tournaments recently. But they’ve also not really been playing together, as each competes with different teammates for Trios events.

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For the WonderLAN though, they’re back together. And they tend to place very highly as a tandem, so they should be a serious force to watch – especially if Biffle gets literal host advantage.

3. Tommey and Almond

Tommey, Almond, and Newbz have been on a tear as a trio during Caldera. But now we get to find out who makes that engine run, as the TBE trifecta is split for this Duos event.

Tommey, a former Call of Duty pro, just might be the only competitor with true LAN experience at the event. And that’s just a cherry on top of what’s already a formidable pairing.

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2. Newbz and HusKerrs

After humble beginnings as a duo, Newbz and HusKerrs have legitimately taken the scene by storm over the past several months.

As methodical and cool-blooded as anybody in the Pacific, this high-placing tandem is looking to carry on their winning ways.

1. Swagg and Booya

Two words: recency bias. And we’ll own it. Swagg and Booya just won the $25,000 Duo Quads Code Red a day ago and are coming into this event red-hot.

The two hadn’t done much winning in events beforehand, but they’ve got momentum on their side and some killer loadouts. Time to find out if the FaZe boys can replicate their CDL team’s success on LAN.

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