FaZe Swagg & Booya win $25K Warzone Code Red Showdown: Final results

warzone pacific code red showdown with blurred caldera backgroundActivision/BoomTV

Warzone Pacific is now in full swing and high-stakes tournaments keep on rolling as FaZe Swagg & Booya just closed out the first 2v2 kill-race in Caldera. Here’s a full recap of how the $25K Warzone Code Red Showdown played out.

  • FaZe Swagg & Booya secure the overall win
  • First major kill-race tourney in Caldera
  • Eight Duos battled for a share of $25,000

Following on from a surprise December 15 Warzone update that introduced several changes to weapon balancing, the first major kill-race event took place just hours later.

Many of the sweatiest Duos dropped in for the $25,000 Code Red Showdown and we’ve got you covered with everything there is to know.

$25k Warzone Code Red Showdown: Final Placements

Placement Team Prize
1st Swagg & Booya $12,500
2nd DrDisrespect & ZLaner $7,500
3rd HusKerrs & Scummn $5,000
4th Rated & Aydan $0
Top 6 BobbyPoffGaming & Finessen
iSmixie & zSmit
Top 8 Tommey & Almond
JessieCooks & Flxnked

$25k Warzone Code Red Showdown: Recap & Results

After a week full of custom game tournaments, BoomTV changed gears with the first major kill-race event in Caldera. Duos dropped into the new Warzone map and pushed the pace for more than eight hours all up.

Despite their win-streak in customs, the duo of Tommey & Almond were among the first eliminated here. Similarly, Rated & Aydan couldn’t quite push into the money this time around, as the highest-earning partners finished in fourth place.

Instead, it was DrDisrespect & ZLaner that dominated Caldera throughout the day. Together, this established duo rushed through the upper bracket, dropping just a single map ahead of the Grand Finals.

Ultimately, it came down to one final round as FaZe Swagg & Booya forced a bracket reset before extending the series to a game three. When all was said and done, they were able to stop Doc & Z’s momentum to secure a huge win for the Nuke Squad.

$25k Warzone Code Red Showdown: Streams & Schedule

The tournament was streamed live on the official BoomTV Twitch channel, embedded above. If you prefer to watch certain players’ POVs, though, fans could also tune in to their individual channels to watch their gameplay.

The tournament kicked off on Wednesday, December 15, at 11 AM PT (2 PM ET/7 PM GMT) and ran for just over eight hours in total.

It was an eight-team, double-elimination bracket, with duos going head-to-head in quad lobbies. Whichever duo earned the highest kill count in said lobby progressed to the next round.

$25k Warzone Code Red Showdown teams

Some of the best duos in Warzone hit Caldera to fight for the grand prize during this Code Red tournament. Here are the teams:

Dr Disrespect & ZLaner Tommey & Almond
JessieCooks & Flxnked Swagg & Booya
iSmixie and zSmit Rated & Aydan
BobbyPoff & Finessen HusKerrs & ScummN