Warzone pro ZLaner quiets haters with wild tourney run after anti-cheat launch

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Perhaps no Call of Duty: Warzone pro has been accused of hacking more than ZLaner. So, as soon as the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat dropped, he proceeded to put on an incredible tournament performance.

ZLaner has gone to the lengthiest of lengths to disprove those who think he’s a cheater. At one point, he dropped 38 kills while using a monitor cam and an eye tracker. At another point, he even offered to fly an accuser out to watch him play in person.

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Still, despite those measures, Z’s detractors were not satisfied. They even tried investigating why he was moving homes in Canada.

As such, it’s no surprise that all eyes were on the streamer as soon as Ricochet Anti-Cheat launched on December 15 – the same day as a $25,000 tournament. But, to his haters’ surprise, he went on a remarkable run.

ZLaner slays out with Warzone anti-cheat enabled

While the tournament featured a variety of highly esteemed duos, Z was playing with Dr Disrespect. And no offense to the Two-Time, but he certainly leans more toward ‘content creator’ than ‘tournament slayer’ at this point in his career.

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But they went on a rampage and, after dropping 27 kills in a win to secure Winner’s Finals, Z let the haters know how he was feeling: “North American anti-cheat just dropped by the way.”

Looking at the player stats, it’s obvious what kind of day the OpTic streamer was having. Making it to the Grand Finals is impressive enough, but he was putting on a clinic on the way.

While Doc had a tournament-low 1.57 K/D heading into the GF, Z had a 7.07 – third-highest behind Booya and ScummN. 

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For the moment, it appears as though the Ricochet Anti-Cheat is holding strong. And, with that new level of security, ZLaner is still flying through tournaments with violence, speed, and momentum. So far, that seems to have quieted his accusers.

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