TimTheTatman proves Warzone screen size doesn’t matter with W on Cowboys Jumbotron

call of duty warzone timthetatman win dallas cowboys stadiumTwitter, @TimTheTatman / Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone players are all too familiar with the perils of playing on a TV vs a monitor. But TimTheTatman found the truth while gaming on the Cowboys’ stadium Jumbotron: (screen) size doesn’t matter in Verdansk.

Input lag, response time, latency — there are a lot of words describing the technical components involved in multiplayer gaming. But the premise is a simple one: bigger screens might be nice for watching shows and movies, but they’re not ideal for gaming.

In fact, it’s a common topic among competitive FPS (first-person shooter) players in particular. If you play on a TV, have you ever wondered why someone seemed to kill you before you even saw them? It’s very possible they actually did, because the delays on PC and monitor are much smaller than on console and TV.

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So, if people think a 65-inch TV isn’t an ideal gaming setup, imagine playing on the Dallas Cowboys’ Jumbotron screen, which is… 160 feet wide. Well, Tim not only did it, he put all scuffed gamers on his back by securing a win.

TimTheTatman games in the Dallas Cowboys stadium

Just after Tim’s recent signing to Complexity Gaming, the streamer has started an AT&T Roadshow where he streams from different locations. The first was at his favorite NFL squad’s stadium, as he played games with star running back Ezekiel Elliott against a massive backdrop.

And after getting his feet wet, Tim decided to try playing on the big screen directly. At 160 feet wide and 72 feet tall, the game wasn’t likely to run too smoothly for the PC gamer — but he persisted. 

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There were pyrotechnics when he got kills, relentless support from his teammates, and a conclusion worthy of the Guinness Book of World Records.

TimTheTatman gets a win on the Jumbotron

In the end, TimTheTatman managed to snag a win. It wasn’t pretty, as he only got four kills and under 1,000 damage, but it still counts.

While the Complexity streamer got serious help from former pros like MerK and TeeP, he taught us all a valuable lesson here: Even when the odds are stacked against you (hundreds of feet high, in this case), if you’re able to rely on your teammates, keep your head high, and commit to a common goal — you can do anything. 

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Screen size doesn’t determine your worth, kings — passion and teamwork do.