“Unbelievably broken” gun is Warzone’s fastest killing but not everyone can use it

Connor Bennett
Green COR-45 pistol with barrel attachment on Warzone map

There is an “unbelievably broken” gun from Modern Warfare 3 in Warzone that only certain players can use, but some experts are hoping it gets patched soon. 

Over the last few years, Warzone has had its fair share of broken weapons. Longtime CoD players still get nervous when the DMR is mentioned, and shivers are sent down player’s spines when the Mac-10 Gallantry blueprint gets brought up. 

The Warzone devs have, at times, been quick to address these broken weapons, but they still linger following new seasonal updates. Which, well, is the case right now following the Season 3 Reloaded patch. 

IceManIsaac has, once again, highlighted the COR-45 pistol as being “unbelievably broken,” but he notes that only keyboard and mouse players can actually use it properly. 

The pistol, with Isaac’s build, has a 400 ms TTK thanks to the XRK Lightning Fire Trigger Action attachment. But, to harness the full power of the pistol, you have to be playing on mouse and keyboard, have your mouse wheel delay on 0, and as the YouTuber points out, you have to change your firing mode to be the mouse wheel. 

“This is usable, it is not a meme,” he said in his May 7 video, noting that the pistol has been brought up previously as having an outstanding TTK. 

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN 35 Compensator
  • Optic: Slate Reflector
  • Stock: XRK Tactical Stock
  • Magazine: 40 round drum
  • Trigger Action: Lightning Fire 

Timestamp of 19:40

Despite shining a spotlight on it IceManIsaac doesn’t want the COR-45 to become meta. “Mouse and key players have been down for a long time, and this will probably be patched in a matter of days,” he added, urging the devs to nerf the conversion kit. 

“Scroll wheel inputs have been in gaming forever. I do think the Lighting Fire trigger should not exist because the fire rate is too fast. I’ve seen it abused with people using macros and stuff,” he concluded.