Simple Warzone trick lets you avoid freezing at Buy Stations

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific buy station freeze

Call of Duty: Warzone players are trying to find ways to overcome the game’s bugs and crashes. Fortunately, one streamer has figured out a surprisingly simple way to avoid the infamous Buy Station freezes.

The Warzone experience has been subject to a recurring nightmare for months upon months. It always plays out similarly, too: a player tries to activate a Buy Station and their entire game freezes.

By the time the game is done putting the player on time out, they’ve either been an easy kill for an enemy or simply lost some time and momentum. The Buy Station freeze was already a notorious issue back in August 2021. Then, it returned with full force in December.

While Warzone’s latest updates have tried addressing the game’s bugs and glitches in recent patches, the Buy Station remains a problem. With console players particularly vexed, others have found an innovative solution: stop sliding.

Warzone streamer explains how to avoid Buy Station freeze

As ProReborn, a CoD streamer and Warzone tournament competitor, explains – there is a rather simple, albeit surprising way to fix the Buy Station freeze. 

In a January 17 tweet, the gamer revealed his PSA: “Don’t slide into loadouts or buystations, it’ll crash or freeze your game. On PC & console.”

Verdansk buy stations in Warzone
Reaching Warzone’s Buy Station menu has become a challenge recently.

In response to ProReborn, someone agreed with this fix – giving it a “vouch” after experimenting with it themself. Other replies across Twitter corroborate this experience, with one in particular saying that not sliding “sometimes” fixes the problem.

Overall, it’s hard to be certain that this fix will work for players 100% of the time. Still, it’s very easy to do and therefore worth trying in case it even slightly lowers the likelihood of the freeze occurring.

For the time being, this is the closest we have to a workaround for the frustrating bug. Raven Software currently have the Buy Station freeze on their Trello board, marked as “investigating,” so hopefully there’s a real fix sooner than later.