Warzone anti-cheat shown in action as hacker does zero damage during fight

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s anti-cheat was demonstrated live as streamer JoeWo fought a hacker and discovered he was taking zero damage. Now, people are wondering what that means for other high-K/D accounts.

There have been a lot of rumors about Warzone’s in-game mechanics to counter hackers. While people know that hackers are supposed to be banned, there have also been questions about how they’re countered in the game itself.

In the past, some have thought that ‘bullet reg’ (when bullets that hit an enemy actually register as hitting them in-game) was influenced by player skill. Now, an extreme version of that seems to have been confirmed.

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While streaming, JoeWo got into a gunfight with a hacker. Despite the game suggesting bullets were hitting him, though, he was surprised to find out that the hacker did literally zero damage.

Warzone anti-cheat makes hacker do zero damage

In the clip, you can see JoeWo fighting someone and his screen being splattered with red markers – showing that bullets are hitting him. Despite that, he’s able to push through the shots and down the enemy.

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Afterward, Joe sits there shocked for a second, before reacting with “that guy’s cheating.” Going further, he explains “he hit me like 50 times and my health didn’t go down … that is proof that cheaters are getting silent aim where their bullets aren’t reg’ing.”

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While some hackers are already upset that their cheats aren’t working so well, JoeWo posted this clip on Twitter, calling it a “Ricochet Anti-Cheat W.”

Warzone punishing high-K/D players?

Other Warzone streamers have used this video to dive into further speculation, though. If the game is able to make it so that hackers’ bullets don’t actually register, UnRationaL says that is proof of “skill-based hit reg.”

It’s good that the game is able to nerf hackers, but there’s a question of what this means for legitimate high-K/D players. The concern is that, if you have a monstrous K/D just because you’re good at the game, you could falsely be nerfed with worse hit reg.

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