MW3 players discover a bizarre workaround to a camo bug

Shane Black
MW3 soldiers aiming their guns

MW3 players are discovering an odd workaround to a known bug that is causing issues in unlocking gun camos.

Many players are reporting issues with a camo challenge that asks them to get a certain amount of kills in Tactical Stance while moving.

The issue is that while they are getting these kills, the game is not registering them for the challenge.

However, some players have reported an odd workaround to the issue that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

MW3 players are having to use a red dot sight to help

When a plea for help with this bug was posted on Reddit, the poster was expressing their frustration at having 9 of the 10 required kills, and the 10th kill not registering for them.

“I’ve done so while walking and sliding about 50 times just to make sure. The issue is I’m getting no progress.”

Reddit post about MW3 camo bug

In their plea for help, another user gave them a solution that most players wouldn’t assume is the way to do it: “You need a red dot scope for tac stance to register properly.”

For whatever reason, this user had found this to be the solution for their problem in MW3.

A red dot sight is not an attachment that should have an effect of tactical stance at all, as the stance shows the character holding the gun at an angle, without aiming down the sights. It’s essentially a glorified hip-fire position.

But it looks like, for whatever reason, this attachment is needed for the camo to be unlocked.

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