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Warzone camper reveals devious spray-paint tricks in viral TikTok

Published: 18/Jan/2022 20:13

by Theo Salaun


A Call of Duty: Warzone camper has exposed some of their tricks of the trade. Blowing people’s minds with a viral TikTok, they showed how campers can use some sneaky spray-paint tricks to absolutely bamboozle enemies.

Camping is a controversial topic in the Call of Duty world. On the one hand, a lot of casual players love the strategy and, on the other hand, even the developers have called it ‘cowardly’ behavior.

No matter which side you fall on, pro- or anti-camping, a new viral TikTok can bring you some value. If you’re a camper, then maybe you’ll learn a new trick or two. If you want to counter campers, then it’ll help to know what tricks they have stored up.


In the video, posted by ‘pullathree,’ they demonstrate two devious tricks you can use while camping a location. While the footage is from Verdansk, it’s only blown up in January 2022 and its tactics should work in Caldera, too.

Warzone camping tricks revealed in viral TikTok

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Pullathree shows off two tricks in their video. The first is a very niche, but funny Proximity Mine boobytrap, while the second is an actually useful window trick.

The first one takes advantage of the Proximity Mine’s shape and size, as you can spray a Bullseye on top and completely hide it. This isn’t the most exciting trick around, but it does give you a reason to equip the Bullseye spray in case you’re ever using Bouncing Betties.


The second one is pretty wild. Apparently, when you spray a window from the outside, it becomes completely opaque to someone outside – but someone inside can see out of it perfectly.

call of duty warzone spray paint bullseye
Spray paint can apparently used be for much more than decoration in Warzone.

This trick is legitimately helpful, since it guarantees you can have an extreme information advantage any time someone tries to approach a building you’re holding. With enemies unable to see inside, you can begin shooting and take them out before they even realize where the bullets are coming from.

If you do intend to hold window camping spots for a long period of time, this trick’s added camouflage is well worth the milliseconds it will take for your bullets to break through the glass.


If you intend to fight campers, though, it’s also useful to know that this trick exists. If you’re out in the wild and you see a building with sprayed windows, you’ll know danger is nearby.